Family Violence

Domestic Violence Act 1995, Section 3

Domestic Violence in relation to any person, means violence against that person by any other person with whom that person is, or has been, in a domestic relationship. In the section violence means
(a) Physical abuse
(b) Sexual abuse
(c) Psychological abuse which includes but not limited to:
(1) Intimidation
(2) Harassment
(3) Damage to property
(4) Threat of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or psychological abuse
(5) Financial or economic abuse
(6) In relation to a child
A person causes or allows the child to see or hear the physical, sexual or psychological abuse of a person with who the child has a domestic relationship or Puts the child, or allows the child to be put, at real risk of seeing or hearing that abuse occurring.

Some Examples of Physical Abuse

Punching, kicking, slapping, strangling, hair pulling, biting, grabbing, scratching, kneeing and pushing.

Some Examples of Sexual Abuse

Forcing sexual activities you do not want or like, rape, withholding sex as punishment, accusing you of flirting or having affairs, excessive jealousy, being unfaithful, denying family planning.

Some Examples of Psychological Abuse

Iintimidation, harassment, damage to property and threats.
Controlling or preventing access to family, friends, sports and hobbies, isolating you. Directing what you wear and how you present yourself. Threatening to kill or harm you, your children or others, minimising, blaming and denying the abuse.

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