Programmes for Young People

Stopping Violence Southland offers an Adolescent programme to youth who are aged between 12 years and 17 years. The programme is 10 individual one hour sessions with an experienced Facilitator over 10 weeks.
The programme is designed
• to help young people stop using violence and abuse to solve their problems
• To teach skills to use when the young person is angry or frustrated that will keep them out of trouble
• To assist young people to gain control over anger and violence issues which are impacting on their lives and the lives of other.

Our Facilitators are
• non-judgemental and work with the strengths of the young person.
• will work with the young person to identify the behaviours they would like to change.
• will help the young person identify the reasons they use certain behaviours
• help young people to look at alternative ways of dealing with situations which will help them have a safe, happy and non-violent life

A parent or caregiver is required to attend at least two of these sessions, usually the first and final sessions. This enables the parent or caregiver to become part of the on-going support for the young person in keeping up with the learned skills.

Stopping Violence Southland accepts referrals from Police, Government agencies, Schools, Community Organisations and families.