Programmes for Women

Stopping Violence Southland offers group and individual programmes for women at 70 Victoria Avenue, Invercargill
The New Beginnings programme is a 10 session group programme for women who are or have been in an abusive or violent relationship. This programme is free.
The programme will;
• Provide support from female Facilitators who understand your experience.
• Offer a safe, confidential environment in which to talk about your experiences.
• Provide information about ways to keep yourself and your children safe.
• Help and prepare a safety plan for you and your children.
• Help you see what choices you have ab out leaving or staying in the relationship.
• Help you understand the dynamics of abusive relationships.
• Give you the opportunity to plan for a brighter future.
• Inform you of support agencies in the community.

The individual programme is a 10 session individual programme covering the same subjects as the New Beginnings programme but on an individual basis.

This programme is for you if:
• you are currently in a relationship that is abusive, and you need support to make positive changes in your life
• you have been with an abusive partner in the past and wish to heal from those experiences and not repeat them.

Women’s Individual Respondent programme
This is an 11 session programme for woman who have had a Protection Order taken out against them. Referrals come from the Family or District Court.
The aim of the programme is
• The stopping and prevention of family violence by supporting women to explore how they relate to men and children
• Education and support to alternates to find alternatives to using violence to solve problems
• Learning to express and manage feelings
• Building relationships based on equality and respect
• Exploring Beliefs which allow them to use violence
• Dealing with Grief