About Us

Stopping Violence Southland was registered as an Incorporated Society on the 3rd of November 1994 and registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 on the 23rd May 2008. Stopping Violence Southland is a member of the National Network of Stopping Violence.


• To provide affordable, accessible and effective support for people affected by violence

Our Aims Are To;

• Support and empower victims of family violence
• Teach skills to educate people to stop the cycle of violence within their own family
• Challenge the acceptance of violence within New Zealand Society
• Work alongside individuals, Agencies and Institutions in whatever way required to promote a community free from violence – at home, school, work, on the sports field and anywhere else in our community.

Our Activities Support the Government’s Welfare Goals of;

• Stopping violence within families, particular towards women and children, whilst encouraging participants to learn and practice methods of bringing up their children in a supportive and safe environment, thereby encouraging the development of a safer community.


• Stopping Violence Southland commits to the following values;
• Demonstrating a caring attitude
• Responsiveness to need
• Respect for all people
• Acknowledgement of diversity
• Honesty, integrity and accountability
• Violence free communities

Organisation Structure

Stopping Violence Southland is governed by an elected Board, which consists of no less than four members and no more than eight members. The Board select a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from their own number. The Board employs a Manager who assumes the duties of the Secretary and Treasurer.

The following staff are employed:
Practice Manager who is responsible for the training and service delivery.
Officer Manager and Office administrator/receptionist
One full time Facilitator and eighteen part time Facilitators who deliver individual and group programmes.
The Facilitators range from Senior Facilitators to new members in training. Seven of the Facilitators have an average of eighteen years’ experience each.